Monday, 10 December 2012

2 of Swords - Balancing the Scales

“Truth without love is brutality, and love without truth is hypocrisy.”   
Warren W. Wiersbe

I chose this quote to illustrate the tension inherent in the 2 of Swords. Not knowing how to stay centred in both truth and love and not wanting to rock the boat often leads to perpetual fence sitting or endless diplomatic negotiations (in one's mind if nowhere else).

The 2 of Swords corresponds to Moon in Libra. When I stumbled across the image of Euclides, I knew I had struck gold in terms of the perfect match. Euclides is the father of the Euclidean algorithm:

In its simplest form, Euclid's algorithm starts with a pair of positive integers and forms a new pair that consists of the smaller number and the difference between the larger and smaller numbers. The process repeats until the numbers are equal. That number then is the greatest common divisor of the original pair. (Wikipedia)
This, better than anything else I have ever read about the 2 of Swords, describes how I experience the energy of this card at its peak.

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