Friday, 30 August 2013

The 10 of Flames - In the forge

Pressure pushing down on me
Pressing down on you no man ask for(...)
It's the terror of knowing 

 ~ Billy Joel

After a few loving nudges from people to get going again with the Arcturian Tarot, I finally felt inspired to add the final card to the suit of Flames this morning. How apt that the card I had not quite managed to complete in that suit was the 10 of Flames, a.k.a Oppression in the Thoth Tarot!

When I tuned into the resistance I felt about completing this project, the image of a forge emerged and it took less than ten minutes to find the perfect artwork by W. von Hanschild (1880) to illustrate this. Here we have Siegfried and the dwarf Mime in the forge. Siegfried is laying into Mime about his lack of progress. This is the ego telling the id off for being a lazy-ass-so-and-so.

In the end, we get back to work and complete the task because we are called to do so. Fate steps in, perhaps not always in the form of Wotan but one way or another, we will do the work that has been mapped out for us. And one way or another we conquer our fear of failure and/or success. Because we are all on the Hero's Journey...
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